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Exploring Deeper Dimensions in Worship

Exploring Deeper Dimensions in Worship

Have you really grasped the deeper dimensions and wider applications of worship? Well, exploring deeper dimensions in worship can be compared to three different types of diving – free, scuba and deep-sea diving. Although each diver can go beneath the surface, only the deep-sea diver can go to the deepest depths.

The free-diving worshippers look at worship as a Sunday morning practice.  They come to church and “catch the spirit” only when something is sang or said that touches an emotional nerve. They identify with the move of God; however, they can’t stay at that place of worship long enough because they run out of air; or their interest isn’t in having a relationship with God because they’re more comfortable with only knowing who He is.

The scuba-diving worshippers reverence God at a deeper level, but with limitations. They have the ability to feel God’s presence and know He’s real.  God has shown favor to them in adverse situations but they will only go so far in how they worship.  Just as scuba divers have to end their dive when the air tank becomes depleted, the scuba-diving worshipper has limitations that are connected to the “it doesn’t take all that” mindset.  There is no brokenness or total abandonment of self for God.

Unlike the free and the scuba-diving worshippers, the deep-sea diving worshippers do not have limitations. They are equipped with the knowledge and tools that enable them to stay at deeper depths of worship and devotion without worry. Just as the deep-sea diver receives air through a noncollapsible pipe, deep-sea worshippers receive the pneuma, or breath of God, through the Holy Spirit and worship is sustained long after the worship experience ends. This is when corporate worship evolves into a personal lifestyle that makes you worship as soon as you wake up. As you go throughout your day, you worship. When things are going crazy in your life, you worship! The more you acknowledge God in your life, the deeper your worship encounter will be with Him.  “God is spirit, and His worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.” John 4:24 (NIV)