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Are You My Dad?


As we anticipate another life-changing 2016 Men’s Advance Conference on Jan. 8-9, hosted by Bishop Merton L. Clark, Senior Pastor, Truth Revealed International Ministries and leader of Point Men Ministry, I am writing this blog specifically for men and boys.

The picture on our Men’s Advance Conference flyer shows a young boy with his left hand gripped around the right leg of a man standing near him.  His eyes are directed to optimism, his heart is filled with expectancy and the young boy asks the man, “Are you my Dad?”  This simple, but emotionally-charged question is one that is emerging through a generation of fatherless boys who are in need of psychological and physical protection. So, if the psychological and physical protection are absent, then this and other young boys will most likely suffer from some problems associated with these phenomena (lack of psychological and physical protection) – fatherlessness.

What is the impact on the future of this young boy? What characteristics and traits will he develop without his dad?  The impact could possibly become severe and this young, loving boy could inevitably get tangled in the use of drugs and/or alcohol, or enticed to commit a crime that could lead to incarceration or even life in prison. Boys need the emotional stability that comes from a caring place and a safe environment that must be provided by fathers. And when that caring place and safe environment are absent, abandonment eases to the forefront of his existence.

Men, as you release your seed to create this wonderful gift (a newborn boy), but abandon your responsibility, you are allowing your son to be raised with thoughts of “I am not loved; I do not have worth because he (my dad) left me and I don’t know if he cares for me.” Men, if you abandon your son, you are leaving the responsibility up to him to develop his own behavior; this responsibility belongs to you, his dad. Men, if you neglect your son, you are letting him develop worth and success from others; this responsibility belongs to you, his dad. Men, if you abandon your son, you are allowing him to create his own expectation of life; this responsibility belongs to you, his dad. Men, your sons cannot live up to your expectations if you are not there to guide them.

If you are, or were, that young boy who asked this question because you experienced abandonment and neglect, come to this conference and learn of the love of a Father who will not neglect you and will never leave or forsake you. This Father’s name is Jesus Christ.

If you are, or were, that dad who abandoned or neglected your son and desire to learn more about reconciliation and the love of Jesus Christ, come and listen to Bishop Merton L. Clark teach on biblical principles that will change your life.

I will see you at the Men’s Advance Conference!  My name is Johnie S. Stevens; I am a Point Man.